Policy alert: Health service bodies auditor panels and their independence

The King’s Fund Blog, 26 August 2014

Department of Health – This consultation seeks views on the regulations on the form and independence of auditor panels for NHS Trusts and CCGs. Consultation document Further information

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The community care chest is running out of cards

BMJ, 13 August 2014

Most people blame the present problems of the NHS in England on its bungled reorganisation by the former health secretary Andrew Lansley. But while the Health and Social Care Act 2012 may deserve its place as top bungle, it’s a close run thing with Transforming Community Services, one of Labour’s last acts in office before it was voted out in 2010. Community services in England were certainly transformed but not in a good way: the result is sad, if you believe in the vital necessity of these services. Join a fairly small club if you do. And while it’s often claimed that Lansley was driven by ideology, Transforming Community Services really was. Service commissioners couldn’t be providers, so they were instructed to rid themselves of their provider arms: health visitors, district nurses, physiotherapists, chiropodists, providers of contraception and sexual health, and sundry others. GPs think the right place for many of these services is in primary care. Acute care trusts think they ought to be integrated with hospitals. Both can make a case, but rather than doing one or the …


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All Party Parliamentary Group on Alcohol Misuse manifesto 2015

The King’s Fund, 11 August 2014

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Alcohol Misuse – This manifesto calls for the introduction of key measures to effectively reduce alcohol-related harm and demands that political parties of all colours recognise the personal, social and financial costs associated with alcohol misuse today. Key measures include, greater investment in treatment, stronger advertising regulation to protection children and young people and minimum unit…

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