Hungry holidays: a report on hunger amongst children during school holidays

All Party Parliamentary Group on Hunger and Food Poverty, May 2017

This report presents the results of a short inquiry conducted between February and April 2017 and explores the extent and causes of hunger amongst children during school holidays.

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We can solve poverty in the UK

Joseph Rowntree Foundation, September 2016

This new report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation sets out recommendations on how all of us can act to solve poverty. The strategy contains a five-point plan that aims to; boost incomes and reduce costs; deliver an effective benefit system; improve education standards and raise skills; strengthen families and communities and promote long-term economic growth benefiting everyone.

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Poor Mental Health: The links between child poverty and mental health problems

The Children’s Society, March 2016

There is a wide variety of evidence to show that children who live in poverty are exposed to a range of risks that can have a serious impact on their mental health, including debt, poor housing and low income.

This research finds that only 1 in 10 mental health trusts see children in poverty as a priority group for access to mental health services.  The report sets out a number of areas for further exploration, and makes recommendations for the government to better address the mental health needs of children and young people living in poverty.

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Psychological perspectives on poverty

Joseph Rowntree Foundation, June 2015

This report summarises a review of psychological research into the causes and consequences of poverty.  The report covers four main subject areas: social processes, mental health, genetic and environmental factors, and neurological and cognitive effects. It evaluates the scientific methodology and theory developed by poverty researchers, and highlights the potential relevance for those involved in social policy.

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