Guidance for the use of audio-visual recording in child psychiatric practice

Royal College of Psychiatrists, July 2015

This report presents guidelines that address all forms of recording, storage and transmission of audio-visual recording within child mental health practice, regardless of whether or not the recording forms part of the clinical record.

The report outlines the procedures involved in audio-visual recording including ensuring confidentiality and obtaining consent. It provides guidance for all child and adolescent psychiatrists, and all other professionals in CAMHS, who are involved in the making and subsequent use of audio-visual recordings.

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Variation in compulsory psychiatric inpatient admission in England: a cross-sectional, multilevel analysis

National Institute for Health Research, December 2014

This paper seeks to quantify and model variances in the rate of compulsory admission to psychiatric inpatient wards in England at different spatial levels and to assess the extent to which this was explained by characteristics of people and places.

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