Psychiatric reports: Preparation & use in cases involving asylum, removal from the UK or immigration detention – CR199

Royal College of Psychiatrists, October 2015

This guidance document is aimed primarily at psychiatrists who are requested to prepare medical reports on the mental health of persons seeking asylum, in immigration detention, and/or facing removal from the UK.

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on:

•the purpose of expert medical evidence in such cases
•what to expect during instruction
•the legal requirements when providing an expert witness report to the court
•common issues and problems which may arise
•the legal framework for such reports in asylum and removal cases
•the key components of good quality reports.

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Training psychiatrists in emergency and out of hours care: Report of the Emergency Psychiatry Training Taskforce

Royal College of Psychiatrists, June 2015

Core trainees have reported concerns that they are not getting enough emergency psychiatry experience to practice safely and confidently as they progress to higher training. This is a complex area that involves service reconfiguration, training and, most importantly, patient safety.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists set up the Emergency Psychiatry Training Taskforce to look at the issue in detail and to make recommendations regarding standards for emergency psychiatry training.

The Taskforce makes two sets of recommendations in this report. First, it describes a set of minimum standards for the provision of emergency psychiatry training. These are designed to ensure trainees gain experience, well-supported and supervised training out of hours. Second, it makes a number of further recommendations that aim to improve the quality of emergency psychiatry training.

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Continuing Professional Development: Guidance for Psychiatrists

Royal College of Psychiatrists, March 2015

This report is the Royal College of Psychiatrist’s new guidance for psychiatrists on continuing professional development.  All doctors in non-training grades who have a licence to practise and wish to remain on the General Medical Council (GMC) register must participate in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities to meet the requirements of revalidation.

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Sustainability in Psychiatry

Royal College of Psychiatrists, March 2015

This RCPsych report aims to introduce the concept of sustainable mental healthcare to members and enable psychiatrists to improve the sustainability of their clinical practice, their team and their organisation.

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CR195 – When to see a child and adolescent psychiatrist

Royal College of Psychiatrists, December 2014

This report is written to clarify for commissioners, providers of mental health services, child and adolescent psychiatrists, our patients and our colleagues when child and adolescent patients should be seen by a psychiatrist to ensure that they receive safe, high-quality, evidence-based care.

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