Allied health professionals: interventions that improve public health

Public Health England, December 2015

Public Health England commissioned a team of academics led by Sheffield Hallam University to undertake an initial review to identify examples where there is good evidence of impact on public health by Allied Health Professionals (AHPs)and therefore an opportunity to broaden practice and identify areas which require more focus to demonstrate impact by AHPs on public health.  This report describes the key findings of this work.

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Reducing Social Isolation

Public Health England, September 2015

Outlines the problem of social isolation in relation to public health, identifying who is at risk of social isolation and what impact this has on health inequalities as well as possible interventions to reduce social isolation in identified populations.

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Housing and Health Exchange

Public Health England, July 2015

Supported by Public Health England, this free online resource for practitioners working across housing, adult social care, public health and primary care practitioners lists relevant policy and showcases examples of practice that have either helped to transform people’s lives and/or improve local service delivery.

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LCFT Consultant in Public Health has two articles published.

Jane Beenstock, Consultant in Public Health at Lancashire Care has had two articles published in October.

Are health and well-being strategies in England fit for purpose? A thematic content analysis was published in the Journal of Public Health and assesses the extent to which local health and well-being boards have fulfilled the requirement to publish a health and wellbeing strategy which identifies how population health needs are to be addressed.  The study analysed HWSs to assess how LAs have interpreted statutory guidance, how evidence has been used within HWSs and the relationship of HWSs to Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNAs).

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Future orientation and smoking cessation: secondary analysis of data from a smoking cessation trial was published in Addiction, and aims to examine the association between future orientation (how individuals consider and value outcomes in the future) and smoking cessation at 4 weeks and 6 months post quit-date in individuals enrolled in a smoking cessation study.

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Congratulations to Jane on her publications!

Calls for mental health impact of SUD to be addressed globally

Mental Health Today, 19 August 2014

A report by the World Health Organisation has highlighted the need to address a broad spectrum of mental health issues, including substance use disorder (SUD), in order to achieve global public health objectives….

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