Safe, sustainable and productive staffing in mental health services

NHS Improvement, March 2017

NHS Improvement are developing this resource to help commissioners and providers of NHS-commissioned services create, review and sustain, safe and effective specialist mental health services. They are asking for feedback on this before publishing a final, revised version later this year.

The document aims to make the link between the decisions on staffing that boards and clinical teams take and the needs of people who use mental health services. It is practical and pulls together existing guidance and approaches used to help make staffing decisions. We want to provide a resource that will make a sustainable difference to the quality of care that is delivered and experienced.

The deadline for feedback is 28th April 2017.

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Safe staffing in learning disability services

NHS Improvement, January 2017

A guide to help standardise staffing decisions for learning disability services in community and inpatient settings.  This resource is designed to help commissioners and providers of NHS commissioned services, create, review and sustain safe and effective specialist health services for people with a learning disability, who have a wide range of needs and varying levels of disability.

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New NHS safe staffing framework for mental health wards published

NHS England, July 2015

NHS England has launched a new practical guide to help ensure the right people with the right skills are recruited into the right inpatient mental health settings.  The Mental Health Staffing Framework, which focuses on inpatient care, aims to equip mental health leaders with the skills and knowledge to plan and deliver safe staffing, and provide a means of assessing their services against agreed best practice.

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