Supporting the health and wellbeing of military families

Public Health England, December 2015

Health professionals such as health visitors, midwives and school nursing teams working with stakeholders, including social care, early years and education providers, have a crucial role in identifying children of military families. They can work with parents to improve health outcomes, particularly in terms of emotional health and wellbeing.  This document supports health visitors and school nurses to deliver improved outcomes, and outlines aspirations for service delivery.

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Helping children to be safer, healthier and free of crime

Public Health England, October 2015

This pathway provides guidance to school nurses and youth justice professionals working with young people who are in the youth justice system or at risk of being involved. It sets out the rationale for effective partnership working and pulls together the core principles to help local areas develop their own local frameworks to support effective working.

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North of England Health Visitor Celebrate Share and Learn Event

Health Education North West, September 2014

This is a free event on 15th October open to health visitors, midwives, school nurses, local authority staff, managers and any other early years staff.

  • Listen and learn from national and local speakers
  • Network with other professionals
  • Share your good work by running a workshop or displaying a poster

You can follow this event on Twitter using the hashtag #HVcelebration.

Please contact for further information. To book your place on this free event click here.