The sustainability and transformation plans: a critical assessment

Centre for Health and Public Interest, February 2017

This report assesses the published drafts for STP plans and it raises concerns around the credibility of the implementation measures outlined in the plans. It argues that the scale of the planned reduction in hospital services implies rationing and risks the collapse of some services.

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Swimming together or sinking alone: health, care and the art of systems leadership

Institute of Healthcare Management, January 2017

This report is based on interviews with senior leaders in health and local government on what is really happening as managers grapple with the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) process.  The report will help leaders understand the values, culture and skills they need to survive and thrive as the NHS tries to change from organisations working in silos to local health and care networks focussed on the needs of patients.

Heather Tierney-Moore, Chief Executive of Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, is a contributor to the report.

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What the planning guidance means for mental health services

NHS Confederation, September 2016

Issued three months earlier than usual, NHS England and NHS Improvement’s planning guidance will be underpinned by a two-year tariff and two-year standard contract.

The NHS Planning Guidance, published on Thursday 22 September, reflects a ‘significantly streamlined’ planning and contracting round. It explains how the process has changed to support sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) and the ‘financial reset’ issued in July.

This news item outlines what this will mean for mental health services.

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