Beverage purchases from stores in Mexico under the excise tax on sugar sweetened beverages: observational study

BMJ, 6 January 2016

This study looks at the effect on purchases of beverages from stores in Mexico one year after implementation of the excise tax on sugar sweetened beverages.

The study finds that the tax on sugar sweetened beverages was associated with reductions in purchases of taxed beverages and increases in purchases of untaxed beverages. Continued monitoring is needed to understand purchases longer term, potential substitutions, and health implications.

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Ambitious for recovery: tackling drug and alcohol addiction in the UK

The King’s Fund Blog, 21 August 2014

Centre for Social Justice – This report outlines and forecasts addiction problems in the UK and warns that deaths linked to ‘legal highs’ could overtake those linked to heroin by 2016. Amongst some of the recommendations suggested is a ‘treatment tax’ which should be added to the cost of alcohol in shops to fund a new generation of rehabilitation centres…

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