OECD Reviews of Health Care Quality: United Kingdom 2016: Raising Standards

OECD, February 2016

A new report from the OECD has analysed health systems in the four nations of the UK, providing a useful comparison of their different structures and systems, and patient experiences and outcomes. It explores why the UK does not consistently demonstrate strong performance on international benchmarks of healthcare quality, despite having prioritised quality assurance, monitoring and improvement work for many years.

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A Review of the Dementia Research Landscape and Workforce Capacity in the United Kingdom

RAND Europe, September 2015

This report was commissioned by the Alzheimer’s Society in order to analyse the UK’s dementia research landscape and workforce capacity.  The report seeks to inform funding and capacity-building efforts in dementia research by assessing the research carried out on Dementia in the UK and how the UK compares to global benchmarks.